Friday, January 2, 2015

A starting point...

There is an old saying: No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. As with most sayings, the closer you get to the meaning, the more truth you find within it. Lets face it: Who is going to trust any part of their lives or attitudes to something or someone they don't know? No one. And if you admire someone and the way they conduct their life, are you going to remain in admiration of them if they are beating you over the head with a rule book that doesn't make sense to you? If that person is sitting high on a mountain of knowledge and showing you over and over again what experts they are in a specific area of life, are you going to feel empowered or small?

Lets expand on that for a second and delve into specific examples that pertain to men.

  • Lets say you love cars and you have a friend who is good at tinkering. Are you going to learn more if he talks all the time and does all the work while you look on and can't see anything but the fender or his backside? Or if he puts the wrench in your hand, explains what the goal is, and then encourages you while you perform the task?
  • How about if your a music lover and you have a friend who knows the guitar pretty well. Are you going to get into playing if he shows you (patiently) how to play a cord, or a scale, then brings you into his world by jamming with you at your speed? Or would you be better off if he sits for an hour shredding and hammering all six strings at lightening speed, practically ignoring you except to hear you say "wow" at how impressed you are?
I'll venture a guess and say that in both of the above situations, if your not involved and encouraged, you're going to get bored pretty quick. That's best case. Worst case? You'll start building a resentment toward this friend. It won't be long before this guy can't do a damn thing that impresses you, because your just watching! You're not involved. You're on the outside looking in. No one has come along side you and showed you the ropes. There's a good chance you'll walk away.

This is not meant to be an all-inclusive explanation for everything a young man might go through. There are many great mentors out there, doing amazing things for the next generation. But what if you never learned a healthy set of life skills? What if the men in your life were not exactly healthy in an emotional, mental or spiritual sense? In essence, what if they were not qualified to speak into your life?

Think about this. 

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