Monday, April 6, 2015

The Wrong Armor- Audio fiction

As I prepare for a soft launch of The Wrong Armor, I thought I'd take a moment to encapsulate the reasons behind it. I'd like to say that this a calling on my life, inspired by God. The truth is, I'm not sure. I have asked for guidance and kept this idea in my hip pocket for a long time. The one thing God might say to me is, "you could have used some help", but in light of my temperament, it's no big surprise that I'm trying this alone. At least this time around. I DO believe that God inspired this fictional trip I'm on, but to scream from the mountain tops that He wanted it done this way? I'm not prepared to put God's name on it when it could be just a product of  my overactive imagination. If something good comes from it, I will indeed, give glory and credit to God.

This is my fictional interpretation of a man's journey through his own addiction(s) and emotional issues. Some of it may be a bit gritty for believers and that's fine. It's not them I'm trying to reach. The person I'm trying to reach is:

  • The confused seeker
  • The non-believer
  • The agnostic
  • The lost
  • The hopeless
  • The "in-between". Meaning the person who is pretty sure they believe in something, but they are not quite sure what. And if they did believe, how would that help?
I'd say the person that I want to reach most of all, is the frustrated, angry, over-emotional, nervous, hung over guy (or gal) that is just living in fear or worry. The one who is sick of feeling...different or "less than ___". The one who was picked on or laughed at because they were/are anxious or overly-cautious in life, from day one. The one who has just learned to live with it. Living that way is its own little chunk of hell.

- It's not what you were born to be.